Technical Information

application AccuWeather
founder Joel Myers
Key people Joel Myers
CEO Joel Myers
Type of business private
founded 1962
About AccuWeather App

AccuWeather is a weather reporting app, you can also find out how the day was. Like sunny, rainy and partly cloudy. It is a weather forecasting app. This app lets us get weather forecasts, caution, and other weather products and services with clients worldwide. It also gives free advertisements about the Accuweather website. Com provides an online weather provider. And it has third-party web analytics giver Alexa and similar web. This Accuweather not only gives information about weather forecasts and warning services, and it collects data gathering and weather observations.AccuWeather they have non-meteorological organizations such as the environmental protection agency and the armed forces.
The Accu weather download for Android mobile phones and iPhone is completely free.
You can download Accu weather from Play store for Android phones and iOS.
Install free Accu weather downloaded by more than ten crores’ peoples.
Download latest version of Accu weather for your smart phone.
Accu weather is available in and windows.
Reviews 3.9.

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Accuweather has the channels

  1. Local AccuWeather channel in 2005 offered a digital subchannel to television stations. By 2021, it was discontinued and started providing local weather content to noncommercial Milwaukee PBS station WMVT-DT3 under respective concord.
  2. National weather channel

    After disconnecting from the local AccuWeather channel and continuing to run selected markets across the country, they decided to give the weather report 24/7 on American television, which carries spectrum tv, direct tv, frontier, and FuboTV streaming services.

  3. AccuWeather announced in July 2021 an over-the-top companion channel, and they will focus mainly on viral videos and shared social media content like MMS.


  1. It has the national weather services, it gives a large amount of data .it is very fast and gives information about whether.
  2. It has location privacy

    The iPhone app discovered that it does not send location information to mobile through a faulty SDK.


  1. Location Data

    AccuWeather will access your device’s data to provide more tailored forecasts and other location-specific information.

  2. Notifications

    AccuWeather allows you to receive notifications when there are significant changes in the weather or when severe weather is heading your way.

  3. Camera and Microphone

    AccuWeather may access your device’s camera and microphone to provide more accurate forecasts.

  4. Device Storage

    AccuWeather may access your device’s storage to store and access your weather preferences and other data.

Pros of AccuWeather App

  • AccuWeather provides accurate and up-to-date weather forecasts that are updated in real-time.

  • The app includes an interactive map with satellite view, radar, and local weather conditions.

  • It offers a range of helpful features such as customizable alerts, severe weather alerts, and the ability to set multiple locations for tracking weather.

  • AccuWeather’s Minute Cast feature provides minute-by-minute weather forecasts for up to two hours in advance.
Cons of AccuWeather App

  • AccuWeather is only available in certain areas and may not be available for some users.

  • The app is ad-supported, which can be intrusive and annoying for some users.

  • Some users have reported that the app can sometimes be slow and buggy.

  • The Minute Cast feature is unavailable in all locations and can be inaccurate.

  • The app is not free and may require a subscription for some features.