Technical Information

Application ASDA Rewards
Version 1.0.24
Updated on Jan 19, 2023
Offered by Asda Store Ltd
About ASDA Rewards App

ASDA Rewards is a loyalty scheme launched by ASDA in 2019. It offers customers exclusive access to discounts, deals and other rewards in exchange for shopping at ASDA stores. Customers can earn points by simply shopping, as well as through different activities such as filling out surveys, playing games and referring friends. The points can be redeemed for various rewards, including discounts on groceries, fuel, clothing and other items. With ASDA Rewards, customers can save money while they shop and receive exclusive offers. They can also use their points to get discounts on their next shop or use them to get a free movie ticket or a free meal. By joining ASDA Rewards, customers are eligible for special events and promotions, such as double points days and competitions. Customers can also get discounts on ASDA clothing and homeware and exclusive access to special offers and discounts from partner stores.
ASDA Rewards for Android and iOS smartphones can be downloaded for free.
ASDA Rewards APK can be downloaded from the Play store for Android devices and the Appstore for iOS devices.
Install the free ASDA Rewards app, which over ten lacks people have downloaded.
Start making reservations for friends and family by downloading your mobile device’s most recent version of the ASDA Rewards app.
ASDA Rewards app is available to download on Windows and Mac.

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  1. Location Services

    Allows the app to use the device’s location to provide better services, such as store locations and offers tailored for users locations

  2. Notifications

    Allows the app to send messages to users regarding offers and other important information

  3. Camera

    Allows users to scan barcodes for rewards and add products to their shopping list

  4. Contacts

    Allows users to connect with their contacts and share offers

  5. Photos

    Allows users to take pictures and upload them to the app to be used as profile pictures

  6. Microphone

    Allows users to record audio messages and upload them to the app


  1. Redeem points

    Customers can redeem their points for rewards such as vouchers, gift cards and e-vouchers

  2. Exclusive offers

    Customers can get exclusive offers and discounts when they shop at ASDA stores

  3. Bonus points

    Customers can earn bonus points when they shop at ASDA stores during special promotional periods

  4. Special discounts

    Customers can get special deals and offers when they shop at ASDA stores

  5. Cashback

    Customers can also get cashback when they shop at ASDA stores

  6. Online access

    Customers can access rewards and points via the ASDA Rewards app

  7. Personalized offers

    Customers can get customized offers and discounts tailored to their shopping habits

Pros of ASDA Rewards App

  • ASDA Rewards offers customers exclusive discounts and rewards on products. Customers can save money grocery shopping by using their ASDA Reward points.

  • Customers can collect points with every purchase they make and can use these points to get discounts on their next purchase.

  • ASDA Rewards also offers customers access to exclusive offers and promotions.

  • Customers can also use their points to get discounts on other ASDA services, such as car and travel insurance.
Cons of ASDA Rewards App

  • The points system can be confusing and difficult to understand.

  • The rewards are not always applicable to all products.

  • Customers must spend a certain amount of money to collect points.

  • The points expire after a specific time and cannot be used for future purchases.