Technical information

type BBC department
industry broadcasting
headquarters Broadcasting House, London, United Kingdom
Area served United Kingdom, Rest of the world
About BBC Weather App

The BBC Weather app uses your device’s location to determine the most recent forecast information. Check other apps on your devices, such as iOS Maps or Google Maps, to see where your device believes you are if the location shown in the app is incorrect. The BBC’s weather division, known as BBC Weather, is in charge of creating and disseminating weather forecasts. After being compelled to put its weather services up for bid, BBC Weather moved its supplier from the government Met Office to Metagroup on February 6, 2018. For 94 years prior, the government’s Met Office served as a weather data source.
BBC Weather app to download for iOS and Android mobile phones is entirely free.
You can download the BBC Weather app APK from the Play store for Android phones and Appstore for iOS phones.
Install the free BBC Weather app downloaded by more than one billion people.
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How does BBC know where I live?

You can view weather data depending on your present location using the BBC Weather app.

If you use this feature, your device will pinpoint your exact location and find the nearest place with a population where meteorological data is accessible. The BBC does not access or retain your precise location. You do not send the BBC any additional personal information about you.

Based on your favorite areas, BBC Weather may provide customized information. We’ll use the location you add—for example, your hometown—to provide you with the pertinent neighborhood information. Additionally, we’ll remember your preferences across devices if you sign up for the BBC. Your saved places are referred to as “My location.”


  1. Pollen forecast

    The app displays the measurement of potential pollen levels in the atmosphere. For those who are from pollen allergies, this function is crucial. Normal measurement scales include severe, extremely high, high, moderate, and low.

  2. It has an animated background

    The app’s background is adjusted to reflect the weather. This enhances the appeal of the design.

  3. Navigation menu

    You may move across the app from side to side, up and down, with a slide navigation menu. For instance, you can swipe vertically to view additional in-depth information or view your saved locations horizontally. This feature makes the app more functional.


  1. Access to your device’s location to provide you with accurate local weather forecasts
  2. Access to your device’s camera to allow you to take photos of the weather
  3. Access to your device’s contacts to allow you to share weather forecasts with friends and family
  4. Access to your device’s storage to save weather photos
  5. Access to your device’s microphone to allow you to record audio notes about the weather
Pros of BBC Weather App

  • It is easy to use.

  • It is a free app.

  • It gives accurate climate information.
Cons of BBC Weather App

  • It does not work when your device is offline.

  • It is supported when your location is switched on your devices.