Technical Information

Founder Danilo Bonardi
Industry Productivity
Headquarter Dublin, Leinster.
Twitter @bearnotesapp
About Bear App

Bear has a beautiful, flexible writing app for drafting notes and prose. For everything, the Bear is perfect, from quick notes to in-depth essays. The focus mode helps to focus, and advanced markup choices are an online writer’s best friend.Action on the Bear, as with any note-taking app, you can use Bear. It will help to create a kind of notes whatever you want, such as poems, recipes, diary entries, snippets of code, or blogs.Notes can include the images and other files you attach to a message. Bear supports drawing, too, in its iPad app and iPhone app.In testing the Evernote importer tool, notebooks as loaded quickly for efficiently into the Mac app. When complete with links, images, and text styling mostly translated correctly into Markdown. Bear doesn’t give you folders and subfolders, and also, sometimes, it’s called notebooks and notebook groups to organize and sort your notes.
Bear app download for iOS mobile phones is entirely free.
You can download the Bear app APK from the App Store for iOS phones.
Download the latest version of the Bear app for your smartphone and start booking for your friends and family.
Download the Bear app on Windows and Mac.


  1. It has multiple export options, including HTML, PDF, DOCX, MD, JPG, and more
  2. It recognizes intelligent data of the elements such as links, emails, addresses, colours, and more.
  3. However, you like when the hashtags quickly organize and find notes.
  4. It has One-tap formatting on iPhones or iPad with rich keyboard shortcuts and a custom shortcut bar.
  5. We can store all your messages in plain text for ultimate portability.
  6. Recording audio, although you can record everything you like in another app and upload the file later for safekeeping.


  1. The Bear app is free to download or install, and we can use it on any Apple device.
  2. The Apps are macOS, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.
  3. It is also a web clipper browser extension.
  4. We can create and store notes with free accounts.
  5. But it’s only possible to sync with your devices if you have a paid Pro account.
  6. A Pro account costs $1.49 or $14.99 annually, and you pay extra through the Apple Store.
  7. All the syncing goes through iCloud.
  8. ICloud means you need to pay for extra space according to the size of your notes database with Bear and Whatever else you keep in iCloud.


  1. Access to Photos

    Allows the Bear app to access photos and save notes with images

  2. Access to Microphone

    Allows Bear to record audio for voice notes

  3. Access to Location

    Allows Bear to access your current location and tag notes with a location

  4. Access to Contacts

    Allows Bear to access your contacts so that you can share notes with friends

  5. Access to Notifications

    Allows Bear to send you notifications about new features and updates

Pros of Bear App

  • It will support the Markdown for text formatting.

  • When is the better option for exporting and importing notes?

  • It is less expensive.
Cons of Bear App

  • Attachments larger than 250Mb do not sync between the devices.

  • It has light-on features.

  • Syncing requires a paid plan.

  • They are used for Apple users only.