Technical Information

founders Evan Williams, Meg Hourihan
Country of origin United States of America
owner Google
Type of site Blog site
About Blogger App

Blogger is an online content management system; it is an online journal displaying information in reverse chronicle order, with the latest posts appearing first.
Google blogger also enabled users to publish blogs and websites to their web hosting server. And all such blogs and websites are redirected to or point their domain on their Google server. When you create the blog in Blogger, you will need to automatically give the blog spot domain name. Google offers a free domain provider; you could change that BlogSpot domain name to something else.
It is also available to international users in more than 60 languages. It is more prevalent in the united states.
Blogger app download for Android mobile phones completely free.
You can download Blogger from Play store for Android phones.
Install free Blogger downloaded by more than one crores peoples.
Download latest version of Blogger for your smart phone.
Blogger is available in and windows.
Reviews 3.2.

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How do you use Blogger

  1. Set up your account
  2. You need to create a google account by using email.
  3. And pick your blog name.
  4. Create an address for your blog.
  5. Confirm your display name.
  6. And click finish, and you can start your blogging.
  7. You can manage your blog by hosting options.
  8. You can click the view option, and you can view the blog.
  9. Create a blog post
  10. By clicking the new position in the top left-hand column, it will switch to create mode.
  11. Blogger templates and themes
  12. By clicking layout on the left-hand column, you will get a template, and you can edit by adding things like Wikipedia.
  13. You can check the status of your blog by adding google Analytics, clicking on settings, and then selecting the analytics option under basic. By clicking on the status option in the left-hand column.


It is free to use; there is no cost for using bloggers. You can post 100 blogs per account. You will get an SSL certificate, hosting and a BlogSpot domain name with your site for free. You will get all features.


  1. Easy to work.
  2. Mobile responsive.
  3. SEO management
  4. Stable services.
  5. W24/7 support
  6. Collaboration management


  1. Access to your device’s location
  2. Access to your contacts
  3. Access to your camera
  4. Access to your microphone
  5. Access to your photos and media
Pros of Blogger App

  • Free to use.

  • Easy to use and get started.

  • Themes and templates to personalize your blog.

  • User-friendly interface.

  • Easy to integrate google service.

Cons of Blogger App

  • There is no access to FTP.

  • Challenging to upload other media files.

  • No plugin access to all.

  • Slow updates.

  • Challenging to build backlinks.