Technical Information

founders Aaron Levie , Dylan Smith
Key people Aaron Levie
Type of business Public Company
Type of site Content management and file sharing
Headquarters Redwood City, California.
About Box App

The Box is a platform for business, a public-based company that develops and markets cloud-based content management and file-sharing tools for business. It is built by software that allows users to keep and manage files in an online folder system accessible from any device. Inbox users can comment on the files, and they can share the files in the workflow. And it is secure also.It is the typical business application to integrate with them, and it developed software showing and collaborating on digital files.
Box app download for Android mobile phones and iOS phones is entirely free.
You can download Box from the Play store for Android and iOS phones.
Install free Box downloaded by more than one crores peoples.
Download the latest version of Box for your smartphone.
Rating around 4.5.
The Box is available on Mac and windows for File management.

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Permissions for the grant to Box

App purchase is a free app you can download from the play store. Data is shared for privacy purposes, and you need to allow all the permissions

  1. Contacts

    The app should allow access to the contacts on the device to read and modify them.

  2. Location

    The user can permit the application to track the current location and provide GPS access.

  3. Device id and call information

    Retrieving the call regarding phone and status and identifying the application requires authority.

  4. Personal info

    You need to give your name, email address and user ID and address and phone number.

  5. App info

    In-app info, you will find crash logs and diagnostics.

  6. Security practices

    Data is encrypted and transit, and you can keep requesting that information is deleted. The app will ask permission to allow the files and documents.


  1. It has different business plans; you need to upgrade it.
  2. It will be straightforward and helpful to share documents.
  3. It has good security and settings permission for file sharing.
  4. It has better privacy.
  5. Data protection.
  6. It will use with all browsers.
Pros of Box App

  • It is a simple and easy interface.

  • It has reasonable permission control.

  • It is available for solid security in the cloud.

  • It has significant storage limits.
Cons of Box App

  • For desktop and MS word, It works a little bit slower.

  • It has limited users.

  • There is offline capability.