Technical information on Brief

Industries Software Development
Company size 11-50 employees
Headquarters Dover, Delaware
Type Private Held
About Brief App

Brief is a cloud-based project management solution for helping bussiness in advertising food and beverage, healthcare, managing tasks, chats, and other sectors. It enables project managers to delegate assignments, share media files via video conference, and view the program projects in the timeline view.

Brief is a team collaboration tool that enables team members to prioritize and focus on essential tasks while minimizing distractions. It has switched between communication project management and task tracking. The devices may be either simplifiers or highly complex.

To overcome the problems Brief is created as chats, tasks, projects, videos and audio, file storage, conversation and reading, and a timeline.

Briefs help users focus on the actual result with one a time approach; when it comes to management, the Brief is one of the most used tools on the market. It became a personal favorite because it has versatility, a sleek look, and chat and task manager integration. And it is optimized for group projects.
Brief download for Android mobile phones and iOS phones is completely free.
You can download Brief from Play store for Android phones and iOS phones.
Install free Brief downloaded by more than fifty thousand peoples.
Download latest version of Brief for your smart phone.
Rating around 3.4.
Brief secure is available in Mac and windows.

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  1. The price starts from $19.90/per user.
  2. Workflow management.
  3. Progress tracking.
  4. File management.
  5. Multi-channel communication.

It allows the free version for seven days, as no credit or debit is used. And it has paid versions as follows


  1. Per user per month, it charges around $19.90 per month.
  2. With the basis of unlimited messages.
  3. Complete task.
  4. Unlimited history.
  5. Unlimited kanbans and projects.
  6. It also accesses the web, desktop, ios and Android app access.
  7. The total file storage is 1000GB file storage.
  8. And two guest-mode users.


  1. For the advanced version of $29.90 per month.
  2. It has unlimited messages.
  3. Complete task.
  4. Unlimited history.
  5. Four-user guest mode.
  6. Unlimited projects.
  7. 100 GB file storage.
  8. One thousand minutes of audio and video calls per month.


  1. For the custom, you have more than 100 employees, and if you have tailored features, you can access sophisticated bussiness.


Brief Documents are of various types:

  1. A Design Brief is an educational or business document including desires and requirements.
  2. A creative Brief is a document that creates professionals and agencies to develop creative deliverables.
  3. Brief, a type of education or business based document that includes desired requirements.


  1. Send notifications

    The app has permission to send notifications, such as reminders or alerts.

  2. Access location

    The app can access and use your device’s location data.

  3. Access contacts

    The app can access and read your contacts list.

  4. Access camera

    The app has permission to access and use the camera on your device.

Pros of Brief App

  • Easy to use and understand interface.

  • Quickly add tasks and set reminders for them.

  • View tasks and reminders in a calendar format

  • Share tasks and reminders with others.
Cons of Brief App

  • Not available on all platforms.

  • Limited customization options.

  • No integration with other third-party apps.

  • No native support for natural language input.