Technical Information

Developer King
Publisher King
Platform App Store, Google Play
Genre Puzzle
Status Active
About Candy Crush Saga App

Candy Crush Saga is an enjoyable puzzle game with a social component. This time, you must make chains of various coloured candies to make them disappear while progressing through at least 200 levels you’ll encounter on your sugary journey. Candy Crush Saga’s gameplay is simple to master but challenging to beat. As a result, this game is sure to be enjoyed by children, who will enjoy watching the simple movements and vibrant graphics on your screen, and adults, who will discover that matching the correct candy pieces is only part of the real challenge. There are many different game modes in Candy Crush Saga. Among them, its most distinctive feature is the game’s over-a-hundred levels, in which you must complete a series of objectives to advance. However, the Jelly, Ingredients, and Candy Order modes also offer a substantial portion of fun and enjoyment. The bright and colourful graphics of Candy Crush Saga are one of the game’s most essential features and its social component, which lets you compete with your Facebook friends and see their scores. Candy Crush Saga is unquestionably one of the most popular Android games.
The candy crush saga app download for Android and iOS phones is free.
You can download Candy crush saga from the Play store for Android and iOS phones.
Install the free Candy crush saga downloaded by more than a Hundred crores peoples.
Download your smartphone’s latest version of Candy crush saga for a better gaming app.
Rating around 4.6.

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  1. Location

    The app can use the site of your device with this permission to provide more relevant content.

  2. Notifications

    The app can send notifications to your device whenever it receives new messages or updates with this permission.

  3. Contacts

    The app can access your device’s contacts with this permission to suggest friends add to the game.

  4. Microphone

    The app can use your device’s microphone to record audio messages with this permission.


  1. Keeps you craving more

    The Candy Kingdom has thousands of the best levels and puzzles, and new ones are added every two weeks, so you can always get your sugar fix.

  2. Many ways to win rewards

    Spin the Daily Booster Wheel daily to get free, tasty rewards and participate in time-limited challenges to get boosters that will help you level up.

  3. Variety of sugar-coated challenges

    Sweet methods of play: Target Score, Clear the Jelly, Collect the Ingredients, and Order Mode are all game modes.

  4. Play alone or with friends.

    Reach the top of each event’s leaderboard and compare the results to those of your friends and rivals.

Pros of Candy Crush Saga App

  • Most Candy Crush Saga can be played without making any in-app purchases, making it completely free to play.

  • Even though Candy Crush Saga’s gameplay is relatively straightforward, the game’s constantly evolving mechanics present challenges that become increasingly complex.

  • Different elements necessitate different strategies. Limits on time and movement, obstacles that block off portions of the game board, and secondary goals to complete all contribute to a game that always remains the same!

  • Boosters are here to help: As you play, you can unlock, acquire, and purchase unique game pieces and features that will make it easier for you to complete the game’s levels.
Cons of Candy Crush Saga App

  • The player learns about the tricks in that game by playing them. The player gains I. Q. as a result of this process.

  • Players can see where they rank among their friends by connecting their Facebook and Google accounts.

  • Because this game is partly played online, there are no pauses or hangs.

  • Because this game has a small trash file, it can only use up memory slowly. As a result, the game is safe to play on mobile devices.