Technical Information about Circuit by Unify

industries It services and IT consulting
Company size 10,001+ employees
headquarters Munich, Bavaria
type Privately held
About Circuit by Unify App

The Circuit by Unify is a web collaboration solution designed to carry groups collectively, collaborate with virtual meeting spaces, and include communique tools. Circuit enables groups to construct online groups to sell concepts and opinion sharing, cooperation, and interactions among the crew. The Circuit consists of voice and HD video calling, chat messaging, display screen sharing, file-sharing, contextual seek capabilities, content material garage and history, and virtual meeting rooms.

In this Circuit, teams can naturally communicate across voice, video, and chat channels without implementing and using three different systems.

Teams can collaborate on any project or undertaking by sharing documents, shared texts, images, documents, and display perspectives using included file-sharing and display-sharing capabilities. All conversations and documents are routinely saved in Circuit’s records, and with contextual seek powers, customers can look and clear out Circuit’s database for the explicit content material they need. Teams also can increase the electricity of social collaboration and upgrade team communication with virtual meeting rooms.
Circuit download for Android mobile phones and iOS phones is completely free.
You can download Circuit from Play store for Android phones and iOS phones.
Install free Circuit downloaded by more than one lakhs peoples.
Download latest version of Circuit for your smart phone.
Rating around 3.3.
Circuit secure is available in Mac and windows.

Download Circuit by Unify

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It is available on the Play Store and Mac App Store also. App purchase is a free app you can download from the play store. Data is shared for privacy purposes, and you must allow all the permissions and devices to read and modify them.

  1. SMS

    You will get an OTP for your mobile login.

  2. Microphone

    The approvals for the microphone permit recording audio while using the application.

  3. Device id and call Information

    Retrieving the call regarding phone and status and identifying the application requires the authority.

  4. Personal info

    You need to give your name, email address, user ID, and phone number.

  5. App info

    In-app info, you will find crash logs and diagnostics.

  6. Messages

    You need to allow email messages and notifications of email.

  7. Files and docs

    Permit files and documents for sharing and receiving it.

  8. Calendar

    It will give Information about events.

  9. Web browsing

    If you allow the permissions for web browsing, Information about the websites you have visited.


It has different plans like free trial and team, professional and enterprise.

plan Price
team €3.95/user/month, billed monthly
professional €6.95/user/month, billed monthly
enterprise €14.95/user/month, billed monthly


  1. Conferencing options
    1. Group live chat
    2. Audio conferencing
    3. Video conferencing
  2. Presenter tool
    1. Live preview
    2. Notification blocker
    3. Remote control
    4. Switch presenter
  3. Application tools
    1. Recording
    2. In-browser application
  4. Collaboration tools
    1. Screen sharing
    2. Presentations
    3. Whiteboarding
    4. Live chat
    5. Hand raising
  5. Meeting coordination
    1. Scheduling
    2. Recording
    3. Participant permissions
    4. One-click join
  6. Software type
    1. Mobile
    2. Desktop application
Pros of Circuit by Unify App

  • Easy to use.

  • Good collaboration.

  • Good customer support.
Cons of Circuit by Unify App

  • An issue with active directory integration.

  • There is no option to delete old conversations.