Technical information on ClickBank

Application ClickBank
Type Private
Industry Affiliate marketing, e-commerce
Chief revenue officer Chad Blodgett
CFO Ryan Vestal
Headquarters Boise, Idaho, United States
About ClickBank App

ClickBank is an e-commerce platform and also an affiliate marketplace. This platform was founded in 1998. when the company has more than six million clients worldwide. In 2011, when this site attracted over 1,500,000 affiliate marketers.

The ClickBank is an e-commerce platform that includes physical and digital products, affiliate marketers, and digital content creators, also known as sellers. ClickBank application is an affiliate marketplace consisting of vendors building visibility and revenue-generating opportunities.

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How to request a refund for a ClickBank product
  1. Go to CLKBANK.COM
  2. We can provide the order information in the order Lookup fields
  3. Click the Lookup Order button
  4. Select the order you request and click the request a refund button.
  5. Select the request a refund radial button under the Ticket Type header.
  6. Click the send button

How does ClickBank work?

  1. A product Marketplace for Affiliates

    The ClickBank affiliate marketplace is accessible to the Click bank users who logged in to their Click Bank account. You can access the market from your primary account in the navigation sidebar by clicking the affiliate Marketplace tab.

  2. An E-commerce platform for information product owners

    In e-commerce as a product leader, you can add your product I database, and then click bank will take care of all the checkout and the e-commerce part for offering an affiliate program.

Features of ClickBank

Powerful application for E-commerce Tools. These tools and services can reduce the barrier to entry and make it easier to make a  scale for your entire business online.

  1. Hosted from order
  2. Integrated the payments
  3. Attract, manage and pay affiliates
Vast Affiliate Marketplace

The Marketplace connects more than 100,000 sellers and marketers and reaches millions of customers worldwide.

  1. Transparent product Marketplace
  2. Reliable payments
  3. Top performing Offers
Industry-leading support and education

It will help your personal and business growth from your life.

  1. Personalized Account Management
  2. Exclusive Industry events
  3. Powerful spark Education Platform


  1. Access to location services

    This permission will allow the app to access your device’s location to deliver location-based services and content.

  2. Access to the camera

    This permission will allow the app to access your camera to take pictures for product catalogues and other similar tasks.

  3. Access to contacts

    This permission will allow the app to access your contacts list to facilitate payments and other transactions with other users.

  4. Access to storage

    This permission will allow the app to access your device’s storage to save and load data related to your account and transactions.

Pros of ClickBank App

  • It has highly paid offers. Up to 75% commission is standard.

  • You can sell in most countries.

  • 100% of the revenue can be considered profit.

  • Promote thousands of quality products

  • Automated Affiliate Payments.
Cons of ClickBank App

  • It has lots of shitty products and sales pages.

  • High costs associated with the e-commerce platform.

  • High competition for popular products.