Technical information on Coda

Author Coda Project
Developer Coda Project
Initial release February 2019
Platform Web platform
type collaborative
About Coda App

Coda is the document software that allows you to plan, organize and create as an individual. Coda provides the user to manage as a team or as individuals. A document includes multiple objects. You can make simple or complex documents.
Coda app download for iOS and Android mobile phones is entirely free. You can download Coda APK from the Play store for Android phones and Appstore for iOS phones. Install the free Coda app downloaded by more than one billion people. Download the latest version of the Coda app for your smartphone and start booking for your friends and family. Download the Coda app on Windows and Mac.

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    self-service knowledge based on your products.


    Tutorials, reference docs, and release notes.

  3. Online user guides

     Replace offline PDF guides so you are constantly updated.

  4. Standard operating procedures

     Build employee’s handbook sales and marketing playbook.


  1. Coda document is an editor for spreadsheets, presentation documents, word processor files and apps.
  2. Coda documents and formulas are used anywhere within the record. And it includes graphs and calendars.

Cloud collaboration is sharing all the files via cloud computing where others can access them.

  1. Safety issues.
  2. Users are more comfortable.

ABOUT Coda app

  1. Coda feels familiar and engaged like an app, collaborates effectively and makes decisions.
  2. You can use a coda building blocks list to a beautiful task board as a team plan changes.
  3. With a data connection, you can edit and roll up your teams to an executing dashboard and update them automatically.


  1. Body sensor

     It has to access the facial and fingerprint when accessing the app.

  2. Contacts

     We should not get disturbed by using the app when we receive calls so w,e need access.

  3. Calendar

     We need good day-to-day updates, so we must allow them.


    We need to get all types of notifications, so we need to allow it.

  5. Coda has a pricing document we need to pay for ten months and 30 months.
Pros of Coda App

  • Coda is one of the best software for creating and backing up documents. It has a lot of integration, and it has very nice features.
Cons of Coda App

  • Once it gets too big, it starts falling.