Technical information on the Doodle app

Key people Renato Profico (CEO)
Available in 24 languages
Current status Active
Registration Not required
About Doodle App

The Doodle app enables busy professionals to focus on their work by consuming tasks like scheduling and organizing meetings quickly and efficiently. Doodle World is the leader in online scheduling, as is used by over 30 million people each month. The doodle app suggests several times and invites the participants to select their preferences.

Doodle has several steps to make scheduling meetings easier and less time-consuming. A doodle app is a set-up tool that utilizes a poll system to identify the times in availability among the groups to choose a date and time that works best for everyone. In the doodle application, we can communicate meeting details, propose as many dates and times as you wish and invite participants through email. Double automatically identifies the time zones for meeting participants, so it can remove the confusion of considering the team members in location and specifying which time zone you are proposing the meeting to be held.
Doodle app download for Android mobile phones is entirely free.
You can download Doodle APK from the Play store for Android phones.
Install free Doodle by more than fifty lakhs peoples.
Download the latest version of Doodle for your smartphone.
Rating around 4.6.
It is available on Mac and windows.

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Features of the Doodle application

  1. Appointment scheduling
  2. Automated scheduling
  3. Collaboration tools
  4. Employee scheduling
  5. Group scheduling
  6. Internal meeting
  7. Attendee management
  8. Calendar management
  9. Meeting management
  10. Meeting room booking
  11. Online booking
  12. Recurring appointments
  13. Room booking
  14. Multi-location
  15. Available management


  1. Access to your contacts
  2. Access to your calendar
  3. Access to your location
  4. Access to your camera
  5. Access to your microphone

Pricing of the Doodle application

The doodle application is free, but you can go further with Doodle premium; the doodle app offers four different pricing options.

A free trial of 14-days allows the users to try out different capabilities and determine which options they need for the organization. In the free train, when considering the time and money, you could save by streamlining the process of scheduling meetings, avoiding confusion and rounding their meetings to save time.

How to install the Doodle app on mobile devices

  1. Open the play store on the mobile device.
  2. Then search for the Doodle application on the play store.
  3. Then you will display the application of doodle.
  4. Click on the install option that is available below the application.
  5. Finally, you can access the doodle application on your mobile device.
Pros of Doodle App

  • It is easy to create the polls and easy to participate in them as well.

  • It is used for organization meetings and events.

  • The Doodle app coordinates various people’s schedules without a massive back-and-forth over email.

  • The site offers several features that can make as easy to schedule meetings.
Cons of Doodle App

  • Occasionally, a recipient’s email will block a Doodle poll.

  • The free version is helpful for volunteer activities, but there are ads in annoying and unprofessional.

  • It will need the pro version to integrate with zoom.