Technical Information

Type of site Search engine
Available in Multilingual
Headquarters 20 Paoli Pike,Paoli, Pennsylvania
Owner Duck Duck Go, Inc.
Launched September 25, 2008
About DuckDuckGo Private Browser App

DuckDuckGo is a search engine with a desktop extension and a mobile browser app aiming to let you browse the internet without companies stealing your personal information.
It says that your searches will be private and anonymous, and it has built-in tracker blocking, making it harder for websites you visit to get information about you.
Privacy is streamlined. The free super-charged security application: security for the web browser, search, email, and apps.
With just a few clicks, the DuckDuckGo app offers the best protection for online privacy. An everyday private Internet browser that provides seamless protection for your search and browses and access to tracking protection for emails you receive are available for free download.
Online privacy protection is similar to home security. Even if you lock the front door, even the most determined individuals will still be able to enter, especially if you have a spare key hidden under the doormat and have left the windows and back door unlocked. We provide various privacy protections, most of which are not provided by default in most popular browsers.
DuckDuckGo Private Browser app for iOS and Android phones can be downloaded for free.
DuckDuckGo Private Browser app APK can be downloaded from the Appstore for iOS devices and the Play store for Android devices.
Install the DuckDuckGo Private Browser app for free, downloaded by more than ten billion people.
Start making reservations for friends and family by downloading your mobile device’s most recent version of the DuckDuckGo Private Browser app.
To get the DuckDuckGo Private Browser app for Mac and Windows.

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  1. Access to the microphone and camera of the device
  2. Access to the contacts on the device
  3. Access to the Storage on the device
  4. Access to the network of the device
  5. Access to the location of the device
  6. Access to the notifications on the device


  1. Search Privately by Default

    DuckDuckGo’s built-in Private Search makes it simple to search the web anonymously.

  2. Prevent most third-party cookies from users tracking you as you browse the internet by blocking tracking cookies while browsing.
  3. Get Rid of Website Trackers Before They Start Loading

    Stops the majority of hidden trackers (third-party scripts) from loading automatically, preventing businesses from using these trackers to collect personal information.

  4. Automatically Enforce Encryption

    To protect your data from Wi-Fi snoopers and network watchers like your Internet service provider, you can force many websites you visit to use an encrypted (HTTPS) connection automatically.

  5. Block Email Trackers (Beta)

    Trackers in more than 85 per cent of emails sent to Duck Addresses ( can determine when you opened a message, where you were at the time, and what device you were using.

  6. Escape Fingerprinting

    Block businesses’ attempts to combine specific topics about your web browser and device settings to prevent them from creating a unique identifier for you.

Pros of DuckDuckGo Private Browser App

  • Email Protection simplifies hiding your current address when signing up for online services.

  • No targeted, personalised ads.

  • No search leakage. Your private information is kept confidential.

  • There is no filter bubble; everyone receives the same outcomes.
Cons of DuckDuckGo Private Browser App

  • Content that is customised.

  • Google services integration

  • Outlines the search history.

  • More complete and current results that are convenient.