Technical Information

formerly AuctionWeb
type public
business eCommerce
founder Pierre Omidyar
Area served Worldwide
About eBay App

eBay is an eCommerce company; throughout the world it is used in online shopping. Before, eBay is used only for transfers of money instead of services. eBay is the best platform for online shopping sites and consumer-to-consumer sales. eBay was invented by “Omidyar”, an American programmer; he started eBay as a business account and an internet service provider, so he decided to start eBay as online shopping. First, he gave the name auction web and changed it to eBay. The domain name is The gold mining company already took it.

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  1. You will sign in to the page when you make your eBay account.
  2. There you will find different types of products.
  3. HOME

    At home, you find all products, daily deals and popular destinations and also you will find popular deals from India.


    You will also find all electronics items with prices in electronics. And they gave all descriptions of the electronics. And there is a search option and all categories.


    In fashion, you will find clothing and shoes, accessories and shop category like women and men. Speciality shops by brand and will provide limited-time deals and fine jewellery. And it will provide sizes also.


    You will find all beauty products in this. And healthy products also.


    In this, you will find all the home ingredients and electronics for home applications like home decorates and lamps, lighting and ceiling fans, bedding, furniture etc. And for gardening also all products are available.

  8. PORTS

    You will find all sports items here.

  9. MORE

    You will find collectables and art, industrial equipment, motors, deals, and sales.

  10. At the top, you will find help and contact; it is customer service.
  11. You will sell the products from the sell option, and you can earn money.
  12. From the notification, you will get all updates about shopping and new products and product tracking.
  13. There is a cart where you can see all your buying products.
Pros of eBay App

  • On eBay, there are no scams and inadequate services. For the third party, it is safe.

  • Fewer prices.

  • It is flexible as a seller.
Cons of eBay App

  • Rule and policy restrictions on selling on eBay.

  • On selling, there is out your inventory.


  1. Access to the device's contacts for connecting with friends.
  2. Access to the device's microphone for voice search and dictation.
  3. Access to the device's location for finding items near you.
  4. Access to the device's SMS for authentication and verification.
  5. Access to the device's storage for saving photos, documents, and other files.
  6. Access to the device's calendar for creating reminders and notifications.