Technical information on Figma

Application Figma
Developer(s) Figma, Inc
Initial release September 27, 2016, 5 years ago
Operating system Linux, macOS, Windows, Chrome OS, Android, iOS
Type Collaboration software, Vector graphics editor
About Figma App

Figma application is a design tool that will help build UI designs, product prototypes, wireframes, etc. While using the Figma application in the product manager, you have a lot of ideas for the product that you plan to discuss and implement with the team through a PowerPoint presentation to communicate your ideas. This traditional approach has been transformed by product managers who are independent while using tools like the Figma application.
Figma app download for Android mobile phones is entirely free.
You can download Figma APK from the Play store for Android phones.
Install free Figma downloaded by more than one million people.
Download the latest version of Figma for your smartphone.
Rating around 4.6.
The Figma app is available on Mac and windows.

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Figma application offers

  1. Seamless collaboration

    The Figma application is a hybrid application that can make collaboration smooth and transparent. The files on Figma can be shared with the team using a single link. Figma has picked up the exact issues of file sharing from the tools such as Sketch, Photoshop, etc.

  2. Cohesive Feedback

    Using Figma, the entire design feedback can be shared and viewed using the comment feature. In this way, tracking the input becomes as quick and structured.

  3. Transforming the design process

    Figma application has many capabilities that can change the function and dynamics of the design team. Figma is a standard tool in their team due to its live collaboration, accessibility and flexibility that leads to the Fast outcome, Transparency, Reduced errors in file sharing, and Design handoff.

Features of Figma

  1. Accessibility and collaboration
  2. Flexibility to iterate and product deliverables
  3. Ability to build prototypes and test
  4. Establishing a single source of truth
  5. Smooth handoff to developers
  6. Room for improvement with plugins
  7. All in one Tool from design
Pros of Figma App

  • It has component prototypes and wireframes.

  • We can share the assets and hand over the project.

  • Anything essential that you want to design.

  • Design UI for web or mobile apps.

  • Unlimited cloud space.
Cons of Figma App

  • The Figma mirror prototype differs from the marvel app or an Invision prototype.

  • When you give your file in the draft, everyone can claim your file as the owner.

  • No internet, and the Figma app does not work.

  • Some more design tools to go complex.

  • A better framework for collaboration.

  • Large files load slower.


  1. Access files, photos, and media.
  2. Access contacts and profile information.
  3. Access location data.
  4. Track usage data.
  5. Share and collaborate.
  6. Use the camera and microphone.
  7. Use the device's Bluetooth connection.