Technical Information

Developer(s) Google
Platform Web application
Type Collaborative software
Word processor
About Google Docs App

Google Docs is a free application and document in which spreadsheets can be used and stored online. It can be accessed anywhere if we have good internet. Google doc is a part of Google that performs online applications. In google docs, we can update our documents and edit and import our documents using spreadsheets in various fonts and files, lists, tables and images. It mainly works on Word processors and Presentation software applications. This collaboration of projects with multiple authors can be stored online and held by the users as there is no data loss and risk.
The Google Docs app for Android and iOS smartphones can be downloaded for free. The Google Docs APK can be downloaded from the Play store for Android devices and the Appstore for iOS devices. Install the free Google Docs app, which over one billion people have downloaded.
Start making reservations for friends and family by downloading your mobile device’s most recent version of the Google Docs app.
Google Docs app is available to download on Windows and Mac.

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How can google docs use?
  1. Create a document.
  2. Edit and format.
  3. Share and work with others.
How can we work using google docs?
  1. On the computer, open google docs and the docs home screen.
  2. On the left, Start a new document by clicking Blank +.
  3. By double-clicking the word using the cursor, we can start editing.
  4. Google doc does undo and redo processes also.
  5. You can share our files and folders with people, and even they can edit and comment on them.
  6. Google docs are a part of the google browser as it is available on all mobiles, desktops and Google chrome os. Google Docs supports the PDF and EPUB formats, also.
  7. On October 12 2012, they renamed the google documents as google docs and inserted some other apps.
  8. Google docs are a web application that supports Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.
  9. In June 2014, google uploaded it on mobile also.


  1. Editing-Google docs are the other apps on Google drive that collaborate towards editing the document in real-time as it can be shared, edited and used by multiple persons.
  2. Files-Supports files like OpenDocument, zipped HTML, Micro soft word.
  3. Other functionality-Google announced the text watermark allowing the user to create and import watermarks, Images on the document.


  1. Contacts
  2. Storage
  3. Wi-Fi Connection information
  4. Access all Google services
  5. View configured accounts
  6. Read Google service configuration
Pros of Google Docs App

  • Google docs are the best tools for users to report on spreadsheets online. It is easy to share.
Cons of Google Docs App

  • You need to access it only online. It cannot be accessed if any issues occur.