Technical Information

Developer(s) Google LLC
Operating system Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, BlackBerry OS, Chrome OS
Platform Google, Apple, Microsoft
Available in 83 languages
About Google Slides App

This app is available for Android (2014 AD), iOS(2014 AD), and windows as an application on the web and a desktop application on a desktop platform in Chrome OS. It will be available in all major operating systems, from desktop to web to mobile. Google Slides is supported as a web application in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Brave. Google is one of the most helpful presentation software.The primary purpose of google slides is to create a presentation to express your ideas through images, text, charts, and animations. And also to share the slides offline or online.Many features as possible in google slide is a compelling presentation program that can allow us to present our presentation.
Google Slides app download for iOS and Android mobile phones is entirely free. You can download Google Slides APK from the Play store for Android phones and Appstore for iOS phones. Install the free Google Slides app downloaded by more than one billion people. Download your smartphone’s latest version of the Google Slides app and start booking for your friends and family.

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  1. Inserting images, structured documents, animations, and transitions in slides is capable of google slides.
  2. A variety of templates are located on the right sidebar.
  3. You can create, arrange, and apply animation to your slides.
  4. Add comments, share and reply to files. Still, you can share Via Twitter, Facebook, and Gmail.
  5. We can take print and download the files in various formats.
  6. Calendar, notes, and tasks are Google slides can access.
  7. You can also chat with people directly.
  8. Google slides can automatically be saved in google drive even if your system crashes.
  9. We can save the file in ppt format and then open the duplicate ppt files in windows powerpoint.
  10. Still, it is available in 83 languages.
  11. In presentation format, we can add images, audio and videos.
  12. While using google slides to give a presentation, we can include captions that update in real-time.


  1. Location

    The app can access your device’s location to show you relevant content

  2. Camera

    This permission allows the app to access your camera to take pictures and record video

  3. Microphone

    This permission allows the app to access your microphone to record audio

  4. Contacts

    This permission allows the app to access your device’s contacts list to share slides and collaborate with other users

  5. Storage

    This permission allows the app to access your device’s storage to save and share slides

  6. Photos/Media/Files

    This permission allows the app to access your device’s photos, media, and files to save and share slides

Pros of Google Slides App

  • We can also publish the creations on the internet quickly and easily.

  • They are used for text formats, export graphics, and pdf.

  • We can easily give the presentation while using google slides.

  • You are used to building your presentations in your web browser.

  • Use for creating and formatting presentations and also working with other people.

  • Work anywhere, anytime also, and even offline.

  • Share your presentations and collaborate on the same presentation at the same time.
Cons of Google Slides App

  • Google slides have a few choices for using effects.

  • It has fewer themes.

  • Exporting has a limited file.

  • Advanced features are lacking.

  • It has a Light and dark layout.

  • Fewer Animations and Transitions.