Technical Information

Type of site Neural machine translation
Available in 133 languages
owner Google
Commercial Yes
About Google Translate App

Google Translate is a helpful online tool if you can change or it translate words or phrases from one language to another. It varies from a dictionary that translates words from one language into another and contains both the original words and their translations. Instead, Google Translate uses the word or phrase you type to search the Internet for the best translation among the many billions of professionally translated publications available. It gives you that search result in a translation almost immediately.

Google Translate could be more flawless, just like other internet translation resources. Although it has a strong reputation for accuracy, it sometimes makes errors, or more specifically, it often produces wrong translation search results. Therefore, you should utilize it with caution. It’ll function fine in informal settings, like ordering supper in a different language at a restaurant. Still, you should take extra precautions if you rely on it for professional business communications.
Google Translate app for iOS and Android phones can be downloaded for free.
Google Translate app APK can be downloaded from the Appstore for iOS devices and the Play store for Android devices.
Install the Google Translate app for free, downloaded by more than one billion people.
Start making reservations for friends and family by downloading your mobile device’s most recent version of the Google Translate app.
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  1. Handwritten input

    Google Translate supports handwritten and keyboard typing on the website and as a mobile app. The pencil icon must be selected from the input window’s bottom. No support for a pen or touch screen is required. Translators of Chinese and Japanese can so benefit from it.

  2. Offline translation

    Google Translate for mobile can be used offline. Download dictionaries for the languages you want to learn. You can do this by choosing “Offline translation” from the application’s side menu.

  3. Instant translation through the camera

    The mobile application’s ability to translate text using a smartphone camera is another helpful feature. The caption you shoot will be replaced in real-time by the translated text.

  4. Forming the phrasebook

    This feature is helpful since it allows you to gradually build up a database of common words and phrases you can always access. You won’t waste time typing, therefore. The “Phrasebook” section will note the term.

  5. Translate document

    When browsing the web, you may quickly acquire a translation for any word you see using a Google Translate extension for Google Chrome (and Firefox). You don’t need to go to another page; highlight and translate the word.


  1. The Google Translate app requires access to the device’s microphone and camera for voice and photo translations
  2. It also requires access to the device’s contacts list to share translations
  3. The app requires location data access for translations in the user’s local language
  4. It requires access to the device’s storage to save translations and associated photos
Pros of Google Translate App

  • It is very fast.

  • It is free.

  • It is very convenient.

  • It is based on the frequency of language pairs; Google Translate creates an online translation database using statistics.
Cons of Google Translate App

  • Use of it requires an Internet connection.

  • It has no proofreading.

  • Google could not be better for confidential documents.

  • It has formatting problems.