Technical information on Lincoln Financial Mobile

Application Lincoln Financial Mobile
Type Public Company
Industry Insurance , Asset management
Founded 1905, 117 years ago
Founder Perry Randall
About Lincoln Financial Mobile App

The LincoIn Financial Group offers several options for a term and permanent life insurance policies, plus a range of rides; it has included several living benefits riders. It also has well-priced term policies and offers no-medical-exam coverage for up to $1 million. Types of insurance sold by Lincoln Financial. Lincoln Financial Mobile offers five kinds of life insurance to accommodate a variety of customers' needs to insurances.
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Rating around 2.0.
It is also available on Windows and Mac.

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  1. Access to Account Information

    The Lincoln Financial Mobile app allows users to access their account information, including account balances, payment history, and recent transactions.

  2. Mobile Payments

    The app allows users to make payments on the go, with the ability to pay bills, transfer money between accounts, and set up automatic payments.

  3. Investment Management

    The app provides users with the ability to track investments and view performance data in real time.

  4. Secure Messaging

    Users can securely message Lincoln Financial Mobile representatives with the app, allowing for quick and secure communication.

Types of insurance sold by Lincoln Financial Mobile

Lincoln Financial Mobile offers five kinds of life insurance to accommodate a variety of customers’ needs to insurances.

  1. Term life
  2. Variable universal life
  3. Indexed universal life
  4. Fixed-rate universal life
  5. Guaranteed universal life
  1. Term life insurance

    Life insurance only pays a death benefit as the insured dies within a specific period, like 20 or 30 years.

    Term life insurance is another type called pure life insurance; these policyholders can either renew it for another term insurance, convert it as a policy to permanent coverage, or else allow the term life insurance, including a policy, to lapse.

    The term life insurance is usually the least costly because it offers a benefit for the restricted time that can provide only a death benefit.

  2. Variable universal life

    Variable life insurance is part of permanent life insurance. The variable life insurance allows you to adjust the premium and the death benefits.

    Variable life insurance is a part of a permanent life insurance product with a separate account comprised of various instruments and investment funds, like stock, bonds, equity funds, money market funds, and bond funds.

  3. Indexed universal life insurance

    The death benefits typically flexible applications with an indexed universal life policy, and you can lower them anytime. However, it is increasing that the death benefits as require you to pass a medical examination.

  4. Fixed-rate universal life insurance

    The fixed-rate universal life insurance can provide flexible premium payments and reliable cash value as growth is tied to fixed interest rates and offers stable growth over time.In this policy, as a guaranteed creating rate, your cash value accumulates regardless of market fluctuation if you are not subject to the investment risk.Fixed universal life insurance is less risky than universal life policies, so its growth as potential is the most limited.Flexible premiums as allow you to adjust your payments, or you can choose a fixed amount.

Pros of Lincoln Financial Mobile App

  • The maximum ages for guaranteed renewability policy for life insurance customers are higher than some other competitors.

  • LincoIn cash value policies generally have low internal policy costs, meaning more of your premium money is going toward cash value.

  • No medical exam is required for some applicants.

  • Affordable term policies.

  • When the offers as quickly applied by phone or online on term life policies.
Cons of Lincoln Financial Mobile App

  • The whole life insurance is not available.

  • Same-day decisions are not available.


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