Technical Information

Type Public Company
Industry Fast food restaurants, real estate
Founded May 15, 1940
Founders Richard McDonald, Maurice McDonald,Ray Kroc
Key people Hamburgers Hermandez Jr.,Chris Kempczinki
About McDonald’s UK App

You can use the McDonald’s app to get special offers and discounts only at McDonald’s restaurants. You can access information about the products on their menus using Android smartphones.
You can select your country or location to ensure that the app shows you deals at nearby McDonald’s. You can also view a lot of news, which will keep you informed about the brand’s most recent initiatives or product launches.
Simply registering with a username and password is required to use any of the app’s coupons. After that, you can look at all the discounts available by their expiration dates. You can use the McDonald’s app to accumulate points and exchange them for various products, yet another exciting feature. You can save money every time you eat at a McDonald’s by taking advantage of exclusive deals and special offers only available through the McDonald’s Android app.
Mcdonald’s App download for Android and iOS phones is free.
You can download McDonald’s App for Android and iOS phones from the Play Store.
Install the free Mcdonald’s App downloaded by more than Five million people.
Download the latest version of the Mcdonald’s App for your smartphone.
Rating around 4.4.
Mcdonald’s App is available on Mac am windows.

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  1. Location

    Ask users to grant their website access to provide personalised recommendations and more precise search results

  2. Photos

    Personalize users’ profiles by allowing them access to their pictures, uploading food photos, and sharing dishes

  3. Notifications

    To send reminders about upcoming meals and recipes, users should grant access to their devices’ messages

  4. Contacts

    Make it easy for users to connect and share recipes with friends and family

  5. Microphone

    to enable voice search for recipes, users need to grant access to their microphones


  1. Customers in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, Modesto, and Sacramento areas, as well as some locations in Oregon and Washington, Baltimore Metro, New England, DC Metro, and Albany, can now download the McD App. McDonald’s constantly updates the app to include more US regions.
  2. The app displays the most recent offers and discounts in specific McDonald’s locations. The “buy one and get one” breakfasts, dollar deal McChicken sandwiches, and coffee bundles are among the app’s most popular offers. The offer page prominently displays each promotional offer’s expiration date.
  3. The McD App lets you quickly look through the menus of participating stores. The menus are divided up into distinct sections like “burgers & sandwiches,” “salads,” “breakfast,” “McCafe,” “beverages,” and a plethora of other categories. The entire store menu, complete with images and descriptions, appears when a class is tapped.
  4. The promo page is one of this app’s best features. A redemption button can be found on the promotion page. To receive the offer, tap this button.
Pros of McDonald’s UK App

  • User-friendly with a smooth workflow.

  • Consists of an excellent promotion list.

  • Includes pricing, product images, and descriptions

  • Utilising a map to locate nearby stores.

  • Coupons are good deals that change frequently

  • Easy to place a pick-up order

  • Acquire compensations for each five espresso drinks purchased.
Cons of McDonald’s UK App

  • There are few deals, and a 10-dollar order only saves 50 cents.

  • On the phone, mobile order sometimes needs to be fixed.

  • When the app changed, rewards were lost.