Technical Information

Available in English
Founded December 2015
Area served India
Founder(s) Vidit Aatrey,Sanjeev Barnwal
Industry Information technology
Services Social commerce
Current status Online
About Meesho App

Meesho is an app for buying and selling that makes it easy for people worldwide, especially Indians, to make money from home. While simultaneously taking advantage of incredible deals without ever having to leave their couch.
With tens of thousands of sellers and a wide range of goods: Garden tools, trendy ladies’ accessories, and individual oil bottles are all available. You can find almost anything you can think of here.
You will first need to create a registered user account to use Meesho. Note: An active cell phone number is required for this step. Once you have made your account, you can begin purchasing, selling, and sharing items of interest.
Meesho’s sharing product links is one of the most exciting ways to make money. You will receive a little commission for referring customers to Meesho for each purchase made through your product link.
Meesho not only lets you share referral links, but it also lets you buy and sell a wide range of products. If you like a product, you must purchase it from the app, and a delivery service will have it delivered to your house immediately.
Additionally, most sellers offer you the option to return the item for free if you are dissatisfied.
Meesho is a massive buying and selling app where almost everything you could ever want is listed at very reasonable prices at any given time. As if this weren’t enough, you can earn a lot of passive income by referring people to the site.

Meesho password Management download for Android mobile phones is entirely free.
You can download the Meesho password Management APK from the Play store for Android phones.
Install free Meesho password Management by more than one crore of people.
Download the latest version of Meesho password Management for your smartphone.
Rating around 3.8.
It is available on Mac and windows.

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  1. Contacts

    Meesho can access your contacts and add them as customers or suppliers to your account with this permission

  2. Camera

    Meesho can take pictures of products and upload them to your account, thanks to this permission

  3. Location

    Meesho has access to your location data with this permission, which it can use to serve you relevant content

  4. Storage

    Meesho can store data on your device with this permission, including images of products and information about customers


  1. Products of the Best Quality at the Best Prices

    Order the best fashion and lifestyle products at the cost you’ll love from an incredible network of wholesalers in India. You’ll get the best deals on all of the products on the Meesho app because they come directly from suppliers and manufacturers

  2. Free shipping and delivery

    Meesho provides free shipping on all orders without a minimum value requirement so that everyone can easily purchase products of the highest quality at the lowest prices on Meesho

  3. Available with Cash on Delivery (COD)

    Cash on Delivery (COD) is available for Meesho products. After receiving the item, you can decide whether to pay

  4. Free Refunds and Returns

    With our free 7-day return and refund policy, you can get your money back with no questions. Online shopping and earning cash through reselling are safe with these policies

  5. Fast and safe payments at all times

    Our payment gateways are safe, secure, and quick for online payments. Your payment information and online transactions are protected. Every three months, your commission is deposited into your bank account automatically

Pros of Meesho App

  • Giving Women Entrepreneurs More Power: Meesho’s greatest strength is providing Indian women with the tools to run their home-based businesses and create new firms and identities for themselves.

  • It’s Simple to Be a Supplier: You only need to open a website or download the Meesho app to become a supplier. You will be taken to a brief form to complete your information after selecting the “Become a Provider” option. You can immediately begin using Meesho to promote your business and deliver orders once your account is set up.

  • Start with Nothing Paid: You don’t have to put any money down to join the hundreds of thousands of resellers making money with Meesho. Creating a reseller account and beginning selling on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram are all required.

  • Program for Customer Loyalty: VIP Membership was introduced by Meesho to encourage resellers. With this membership, resellers will receive an additional 10% discount on their products if they fulfil 15 or more orders within 30 days.
Cons of Meesho App

  • Products of Lower Quality: Most of Meesho’s suppliers are local and do not have registered brands, so the quality of the finished products could be better.

  • No Free Reseller Website: Most of Meesho’s rivals, including Shop101 and GlowRoad, provide resellers with free personal websites, but Meesho still needs to adopt them. Meesho and its resellers may face significant issues shortly as a result.

  • Pickup Issue: The pickup issue is one of the most frequent issues resellers on Meesho encounter. When customers don’t show up to pick up products from retailers, orders are cancelled, and resellers are hit with a fine.