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founder Raul Villar
founded 1990
CEO Raul Villar
industry Software and tech services
About Paycor Mobile

Paycor Mobile is a platform service and cloud-based HR management designed to meet small business does various HR tasks, including hiring, learning and development, time tracking and payroll. Paycor Mobile has more than 29,000 customers, and it helps them to solve problems and achieve their goals. They plan to develop the people and help them to achieve their potential

Paycor Mobile app download for iOS and Android mobile phones is entirely free.
You can download Paycor Mobile APK from the Play store for Android phones and Appstore for iOS phones.
Install the free Paycor Mobile app downloaded by more than ten lacks people.
Download the latest Paycor Mobile app and start booking for friends and family.
Download the Paycor Mobile app on Windows and Mac.

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  1. App purchase is a free app you can download from the play store.
  2. Data is shared for privacy purposes, and you need to allow all the permissions
  3. Contacts

    The app should allow access to the references on the device to read and modify them.

  4. SMS

    The user must allow the application to send text and multimedia messages, including text, picture and video messages.

  5. Microphone

    The permissions for the microphone permit audio recording while using the application.

  6. Device id and call information

    Retrieving the call regarding phone and status and identifying the application requires authority.

  7. Personal info

    You need to give your name, email address, user ID, and phone number.

  8. App info: In-app info, you will find crash logs and diagnostics.


  1. It takes automatic recruiting and onboarding practices with branded career sites.
  2. It can centralize employee information in one location and allow employees to self-enrol in benefits plans.
  3. They can report time and date, and HR and Payroll track and store the data.
  4. It accesses payroll payments.


It has a free trial for the license. You need to pay money.

Pros of Paycor Mobile App

  • It gives Valuable reporting.
  • It has reliable payroll.
  • It provides customer service.
  • It is a user-friendly app.
Cons of Paycor Mobile App

  • There needs to be better integration between time, attendance, and payroll benefits.
  • Customer service may sometimes be lacking.
  • It has increased functionality time.