Technical Information

application Pluto tv
founders Tom Ryan, Ilya pozin, Nick group
Key people tom Ryan, Ilya Pozin, Mike Drath, Christof Wahl, Jeff Shultz, Kenneth Parks, Robert Mandel, Olivier Jollet
Type of business subsidiary
About Pluto Tv App

Pluto tv is a free live streaming app; you can watch movies or channels whenever the internet is there. It has been developed and operated for many years. It includes more than 200 channels and gives live tv and on-demand content. And also, it is free ads on tv.
It is available in the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Austria, Switzerland and Latin America.
Pluto TV app download for iOS and Android mobile phones is entirely free.
You can download Pluto TV APK from the Play store for Android phones and Appstore for iOS phones.
Install the free Pluto TV app downloaded by more than ten billion people.
Download your smartphone’s latest version of the Pluto TV app and start booking for your friends and family.
Download the Pluto TV app on Windows and Mac.

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Permission for the grant to pluto tv

  1. App purchase

    it is free of cost; it is available in the play store, and you can download it from it.

  2. Data

    is shared for privacy purposes, and you need to allow all the permissions

  3. Contacts

    the app should allow access to the contacts on the device to read and modify them.

  4. Location

    the user permits the application to track the current location and provide GPS access.

  5. Microphone

    the permissions for the microphone permits audio recording while using the application.

  6. Personal info

    you need to give your name, email address and user ID and address and phone number.

  7. App info

    In-app info, you will find crash logs and diagnostics.


  1. A watchlist is a good feature for Pluto TV; you can save content from the watchlist.
  2. You can push notifications on settings in the app on their tablet or mobile device; you can enable or disable the notifications.
  3. When you are watching the continuous channel, that channel will be added to your favourites.
  4. Like a kid’s channel, you can set a profile that only shows children’s content.
  5. In this, there is the option of keeping captions or closed captions.
  6. And in search, you can search for what you want, a channel or movie.
Pros of Pluto tv App

  • It is free of cost.
  • It gives an extensive video-demand library.
  • It has a live sports channel.
  • It has provided top-quality news channels.
Cons of Pluto tv App

  • It has no DVR functionality on the live stream.
  • It has reduced versions of major tv channels.
  • It provides very few brand-new episodes of famous content.