Technical Information of Qualtrics Surveys

type public
industry Experience management
founded 2002
founders Scott Smith, Ryan Smith , Jared Smith, Stuart Orgill
Headquarters Provo, Utah Seattle, Washington
About Qualtrics Surveys App

Qualtrics Surveys is an effective online survey device that offers state-of-the-art information analysis, complicated questions, multi-part/branching, effortless workflow, complex distribution, included reporting or maybe quite simple surveys and forms. Qualtrics Surveys is an excellent answer if you want a digital signature, an approval technique or a fundamental workflow. Note Dame has centrally funded a corporation license for all faculty, staff, and college students, so you no longer must pay for my part or through your branch to apply to Qualtrics Surveys.
Qualtrics app download for Android mobile phones and iOS phones is entirely free.
You can download Qualtrics from the Play store for Android and iOS phones.
Install free Qualtrics downloaded by more than fifty thousand people.
Download the latest version of Qualtrics for your smartphone.
Rating around 3.2.
Qualtrics is available on Mac and windows.

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How to create a survey?

  1. To create a survey
    1. You need to log in to Qualtrics Surveys and click on,
    2. Create survey tab
    3. Create a survey icon, and you can click here; you’re accessing your account for the primary
    4. On the subsequent screen, choose one of the following options: Quick Survey Builder, Create from Copy, or Survey Library.
  2. Build your survey
    1. Quick Survey Builder

      This is suggested to learners.

    2. Generate from Copy

      This is used when you like to replicate a study in “My Account”.

    3. Survey Library

      It is used when you want a template of a few There are a couple of survey libraries: The Qualtrics Surveys library has templates for plenty of specific styles of surveys. You might also have a library with survey templates associated with your brand.

  3. Quick survey builder
    1. Give your survey a title
    2. Give in a folder name for your survey
    3. Select the account where you would like the survey to be created. The default alternative is “My Account.”
    4. Finish via way of means of clicking Create Survey.
  4. Survey library
    1. Specify a category, then the particular survey you would like to duplicate
    2. Specify a brand-new name and the folder it belongs
    3. Finish with the aid of using clicking Create Survey
    4. Once you’re growing your survey, the gadget will take you to the Edit Survey tab, wherein you can preserve
  5. My surveys
    1. Select CREATE from Copy and pick the study you would love to duplicate
    2. Specify a brand-new name and the folder it belongs to (optional). Finish via way of means of clicking Create from Copy.
  6. Folder management
    1. To enter folders, click on the “My Surveys” tab and the “Manage Folders” hyperlink above the survey list.


  1. Auto-number questions

    You can change the question number for all inquiries. You can do auto-number sequentially, by block or internal ID number.

  2. Reset recode values

    This eliminates the recode values you edited from all selections in all questions, changing the deals with the default.

  3. Manage reusable choices

    Make a list of options you can reuse throughout your survey.

  4. Survey tagging

    If a Brand Administrator has created utilization tags, you could tag your survey for internal monitoring See this aid web page for extra facts approximately ordering surveys as a survey creator.

Pros of Qualtrics Surveys App

  • Alto of questions you can ask.
  • Easy to rearrange the questions
  • Good tracking of analytics.
Cons of Qualtrics Surveys App

  • It has a high price.
  • It is not free
  • Sometimes it will only work on other platforms.


  1. Microphone

    Capture audio.

  2. Location

    Gets the place.

  3. Device Storage

    Get your phone’s files and photos.

  4. Files can modify, delete, and read the contents of your USB storage.