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About App is a real estate company and is the second most visited estate website in the united states. According to 2021, nearly 100 million activators are using this site. In 1996 it again relaunched a public webpage which displays property listings. The National Associative of licenses the website as the most significant trading association. The model builds around selling referral solutions and advertising to agents and others in the real estate industry. It covers about 80 countries.
The app for Android and iOS smartphones can be downloaded for free. app APK can be downloaded from the Play store for Android devices and the Appstore for iOS devices.
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  1. Overview of Property begins with essential information like the number of rooms, bathrooms, square feet, and parcel size of the property.
  2. Information on the neighbourhood provides information on the neighbourhood 's median list price, sales price, number of days on the market, and
    average price per square foot.
  3. It displays homes for sale in the same neighbourhood, some of which have recently sold.
  4. It is one of the best features of Map To view the map, scroll down or click on the small map square next to the address.
  5. Utilizing a guide, you can determine which regions are the most secure. If you want to learn more about a city or neighbourhood, this tool can help you decide which house to buy.
  6. Taxes and the past The property's past is an integral part of the story that each listing tells. The property's most recent sales dates and asking prices are listed on By looking at the photos, you can compare the current listing to previous listings.


It was first launched in 1995 as a realtor information network, a closed network providing information. In 1996 It became public housing site. We were founded by real estate from venture capital firms. Later it changed to Home store and continued as as a partner. It has become an exclusive online real estate for many companies. And it partnered with others like better homes and garden real estate services for virtual tours.

It has an average of around 34.1 million visitors per month. Formed new partners to encourage partners to buy home and interest them; They acquired interior designs, outdoor space and garden design websites. The company has developed artificial intelligence and Machine learning for home buyers with agents. And it is continued to operate as an independent business. Realtor was receiving around 68 million unique users.

Realtor .com is working these days, and it gives good analysis day to day.


  1. Market knowledge.
  2. Legal protection.
  3. Flexible in choosing your schedule.
  4. Unlimited income potential.
Pros of App

  • Your schedule is up to you.

  • In this position, you can make as much money as you want.

  • Your work assists individuals with achieving their fantasies and objectives.

  • As a real estate agent, you'll have more career options.

  • You will quickly become regarded as an expert in the community.

Cons of App

  • You may put in a lot of work each day.

  • Real estate agents do not have access to any financial safety nets.

  • Most of your customers will only make one purchase from you.

  • The extent to which you can advance in this field is constrained.

  • Being a real estate agent requires a lot of effort.


  1. Call files

    Changes can be made by accessing your call log.

  2. Camera

    Your camera can be used to take pictures or videos.

  3. Location

    determines the location of your device. Learn about the settings of the places.

  4. Microphone

    Capture audio.

  5. Phone

    Calls can be managed.

  6. Wi-Fi

    Wi-Fi connection storage: Get the files and photographs onto your phone.

  7. Media and files

    Use your phone's media, photos, and other files.