Technical Information about Rooster

industries Human resources services
Company size 11-50 employees
headquarters Colombo, Western province
type Privately held

A rooster is a recruitment software designed to streamline job and interview scheduling. The Rooster is arecruitment and software solution for the workday HCM platform, sold separately. The Rooster can include fully integrated external video conferencing, calendar management and email applications. The Rooster can use the expert can; organizations can reduce how long it takes to schedule job applicant interviews and allow the hiring managers and HR staff members to focus on the tasks.
Rooster is also available on Windows and Mac.
Rooster is free and easy to download.

Features of Rooster

  1. Recruitment Workflow

    Rooster will introduce the structure to your hiring process by utilizing the built-in recruitment workflow. Rooster will as grow with you, regardless of your hiring process.

  2. Live Synchronization

    In every job, you can automatically post updates on your website on the rooster job portal.

  3. Job Management

    Use these applicant tracking systems to organize the jobs, filter your searches and save the job descriptions.

  4. Automated Messaging

    This platform has pre-built email templates and automatic updates to inform your candidates during hiring.

  5. Job types

    These apps will provide full-time, internship, part-time, casual, and contract jobs.

  6. Task Manager

    A task manager is a custom interface that can help your hiring managers and interviewers prioritize their workload for the best outcomes for the organization.

  7. Schedule Interviews

    In scheduling interviews, we can save time by integrating the candidate interviews directly into Rooster’s application tracking system.

Application process

  1. Searching for job openings
  2. Creating a profile and preparing an application
  3. Submitting a job application
  4. Evaluation of the application
  5. Assessment exercise
  6. Competency-based interviews
  7. Selection notification


  1. Three jobs.
  2. 25 candidates per job.
  3. Unlimited users.
  4. Collaborative hiring.
  5. Recruitment automation.
  6. Career page integration.
  7. Growth

    It takes $19.

  8. Unlimited jobs.
  9. Unlimited candidates.
  10. Collaborating hiring.
  11. Recruitment automation.
  12. Career page integration.
  13. Headhunting access.