Technical Information

Type of business Private
Type of site Internet community, music streaming
founders Alexander Ljung , Eric Wahlforss
founded August 2007
About SoundCloud App

It is an audio streaming and music-sharing platform. The Soundcloud platform was founded in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2007. Soundcloud will be available on the desktop and mobile app. For ios and android devices, the app will be available. The basic version of Soundcloud is free. SoundCloud will allow sharing their ideas on specific moments in an audio stream, which is visible to anyone who listens to the track. Soundcloud is the most extensive audio catalogue among music streaming apps. Over 250 million ways are available. It is the second most searched music streaming platform. The sound cloud placed second with 13.6 million searches per month on average. In covid-19 pandemic time, SoundCloud announced a $ 15 million plan would help musicians.
SoundCloud app for iOS and Android phones can be downloaded for free.
SoundCloud app APK can be downloaded from the Appstore for iOS devices and the Play store for Android devices.
Install the SoundCloud app for free, downloaded by more than ten billion people.
Start making reservations for friends and family by downloading your mobile device’s most recent version of the SoundCloud app.
To get the SoundCloud app for Mac and Windows.

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    It is the best way to gain meaningful followers is to one yourself. People are listening more than popular music streaming services.


    There’s the option of SoundCloud unlimited. It will allow you to send three hours of audio content, and access starts with the number of track plays and likes.

    1. Open or the play store to download, click the Soundcloud app and create an account. And also we can do this by entering your email address, choosing a password, and signing up via your Facebook, Gmail, or google account.
    2. We can edit your profile, click your display name on the icon at the top right of the screen, and now click the “profile’. Upload a profile image and a header image to personalize your page.
    3. No, we can start to listen and navigate to “Discover”. And also, we can see what’s trending is going on. You can like for comments, like, and report tracks.
Pros of SoundCloud App

  • Soundcloud is made for interaction with the audience.

  • Podcast content is easily accessed via that platform.
Cons of SoundCloud App

  • Podcasters are just some of the ones who use Soundcloud.

  • Soundcloud won’t import your existing podcast episodes.

  • Soundcloud’s analytics aren’t compliant with IAB. Users are limited by upload time.


  1. Camera

    Allow photographs.

  2. Wifi

    To get online without being interrupted.

  3. Photos

    To take photographs.

  4. Storage

    To store data and media files.

  5. Identity

    To discover an identity’s account information.

  6. Wifi

    For observing wifi connections.