Technical Information of Synergy Vortex CRM

industries Human resources services
Company size 11-50 employees
headquarters Kano
type Privately held
About Synergy Vortex CRM App

Exact Synergy fortifies your client and associate base by letting them get admission to and act on records that relate to them at each step of each commercial enterprise process. Financial, income and customer support intelligence is centralized in a single database, offering know-how this is historically unfolded throughout the corporation or is inaccessible. Synergy places your clients in the middle of your commercial enterprise, turning them into an interactive force. Your clients, retail enterprise partners, personnel and providers are routinely related to each other and all applicable and mission-essential commercial enterprise transactions. Your financial, income and product assist records are to be had immediately online and are connected to any project, initiative or occasion that influences your client. Everyone in your organization who works with clients or potentialities is below your management and on the same page, anytime, from everywhere in the world.
The Synergy vortex CRM for Android smartphones can be downloaded for free. You can download Synergy vortex CRM from the Play store for Android Mobile. Install the free Synergy vortex CRM that more than one thousand people have downloaded. It is rated at around 3.0.
Around 39 reviews. It is easily downloaded on Mac and Windows.

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Synergy Customer Relationship Features

  1. Incident management
  2. Activity
  3. SLA management
  4. Preventive maintenance
  5. Travel claims or conveyance management
  6. Graphical reports and dashboard
  7. Escalation and Notification
  8. Spare management
  9. Account Management
  10. Mobility
  11. Customer portal.
  12. Incident management

    The software program increases the price tag when any situation occurs at an ATM. The price tag is mechanically allotted to the proper carrier personnel.
    Ticket allocation may be manual, automatic or semi-automatic with Google Maps and actual time GPS tracking.

    1. Constant Status checking and distribution
    2. Taking a look at the accessibility of designers and professionals
    3. Track of call history
  13. Activity

    When the ticket is raised and allotted, the following action starts. The issue must be recognized and go to the proper assistant individual wanting to figure out the problem. At the point when the specialist is free, the framework auto-produces Preventive Maintenance Call and relegatest

    1. Versatile application assists in following design development
    2. Dispensing the call-in light of the specialist’s ongoing area.
  14. SLA management

    One of the main highlights of administration on the board is SLA adherence. When you are dealing with a client, you will manage various difficulties. Subsequently, you should guarantee that the SLA you sign with them meets the terms of the arrangement you sign with the clients.

    1. It is tweaked to oversee various sorts of SLAs easily.
    2. Every client can have an alternate SLA relying upon the distance and spot
    3. It likewise monitors the costs and raises bills or receipt
  15. Preventive maintenance
  16. Travel claims or conveyance management
  17. Graphical reports and dashboard
  18. Escalation and Notification
  19. Spare management
  20. Account Management
  21. Mobility
  22. Customer portal
Pros of Synergy Vortex CRM App

  • The technical support is top-notch. It is instrumental, has excellent data storage, and is perfect for software-defined solutions.
Cons of Synergy Vortex CRM App

  • Negative synergy is also possible. When the value of the combined entities is lower than that of each entity operating independently, negative synergy results may occur if the merged businesses encounter issues brought on by vastly distinct corporate cultures and leadership styles.


  1. Location

    To track location GPS while using the app.

  2. Phone

    To take calls.

  3. Storage

    To store the files.

  4. Camera

    Allow to take pictures and videos.