Technical Information

Application The Roku App
Version Varies with device
Released on Mar 2, 2012
Offered by Roku Inc.
Downloaded in Android, iOS
About The Roku App

You can quickly access thousands of movies and television series directly on your television using Roku, the official app for the same-named device. There are more than 2000 channels available to you together. Free content is available on the Roku Channel, including original movies, shows, and short films made initially for the Quibi platform, which was only around for a short time. The Roku Channel also has a library of movies, musicals, reality shows, kids’ shows, old shows, miniseries, and more that can be watched on demand. News channels, classic TV, sports, and various other genres are included in live programming. Roku lets you subscribe to premium add-on channels and free live and on-demand content. There are more than forty choices, including Starz, Showtime, Paramount+, and others.
The official Roku app can double as an interactive TV guide and remote control. It lets you quickly see which movies are playing, which TV shows will be on next, and other things. As a result, it’s always simple to find something that interests you. The Roku app allows you to do everything listed above and send videos and pictures to your television if your Roku device is connected. Thanks to this feature, you can watch your content on the big screen. Keep in mind that this Roku app is only compatible with Roku devices. The app is only helpful if you have a Roku device connected to your television.

Roku mobile app downloads for Android and iOS phones are free.
You can download Roku from the Play store for Android and iOS phones.
Install free Roku downloaded by more than Five crores of people.
Download the latest version of Roku for your smartphone.
Rating around 4.7.
Roku is available on Mac and windows for good entertainment.

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  1. The lens

    With this permission, the app can take pictures and scan barcodes with the camera

  2. Connections

    With this permission, the app can use the contacts on the device to do specific things

  3. Setting

    With this permission, the app can use the device’s location to provide services specific to that location, such as local news and weather

  4. Recorder

    With this permission, the app can use the microphone to take voice commands


  1. Take pleasure in a constantly changing selection of entertainment
  2. With more than 100 live channels, you can watch a wide range of content, including news, sports, cooking, DIY, reality TV, pop culture, true crime, and science fiction
  3. Our six live Spanish channels also have Spanish-language content
  4. For a more individualized experience, sign up for an account
  5. Stream on your device by browsing new and featured titles or searching for your favourites
  6. The Roku Channel improves at suggesting movies and TV shows you’ll love the more you watch
  7. The Continue Watching row makes it easy to get to your favourite shows
  8. Our carefully selected, kid-friendly programming offers a secure viewing environment
  9. To create a viewing experience that is suitable for your family, make use of parental controls
  10. In the US, UK, and Canada, voice search is available in English. It is also available in Spanish in the United States and Mexico
  11. Only in the United States is the Roku Channel accessible via the mobile app
  12. Some channels may be country-specific, require payment, or change
  13. Users can control their Roku streaming device from their smartphone or tablet using the Roku App. It includes controlling playback, accessing parental controls, and searching for specific content
  14. Additionally, the app has a voice search feature that makes it simple to locate explicit content quickly
  15. Additionally, the Roku App provides exclusive access to content from selected partners and the capability to cast content from a mobile device to the Roku device
  16. Using the Roku App to access a wide range of streaming services and content on your Roku device is an excellent option
Pros of The Roku App

  • Affordable:You can use Roku for free, besides the channels that cost money.

  • Roku could take the place of some of your subscriptions. If Roku offers comparable features, some might

  • Call options.

  • As we’ve explained, Roku can replace your cable or satellite TV subscription. Additionally, you can include Roku’s free channels in your streaming library.
Cons of The Roku App

  • Everything In a Solitary Unit:Do you remember how easy it was to use Roku to access all your streaming services? Well, it is one of the benefits and drawbacks of owning a Roku television.

  • Some people may be overwhelmed by Roku’s numerous options. If you watch shows online frequently, this is fantastic. If not, it might seem like there are too many channels.