Technical Information

Type site Online video platform
headquarters United States
Area served February 14, 2005
launched Online video platform
languages Python, c, java, c++
About YouTube App

YouTube is the best search engine option next to google. YouTube is 100% free to download. YouTube allows users to share audio and video with multiple features. YouTube works on devices with an online connection of 2G,3G and 4G.
YouTube has many features that help users to follow the channels with their interests. We can download YouTube on both mobiles and desktops. YouTube for Andriod users is available in the play store. YouTube for ios users is available in AppStore. So many people use YouTube . The latest version of YouTube is available in the play store for android and ios for Appstore. The best video-sharing app is YouTube.
YouTube apps for Android and iOS smartphones can be downloaded for free.
YouTube app APK can be downloaded from the Play store for Android devices and the Appstore for iOS devices.
Install the free YouTube app, which over one thousand billion people have downloaded.
Start making reservations for friends and family by downloading your mobile device’s most recent version of the YouTube app.
YouTube app is available to download on Windows and Mac.

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  1. Block the comments

    There is an option to block the comments for videos.

  2. You can create your account and give your content and vlogs.
  3. It has the video technology vp9 and H..264/MPEG-4 AVC and Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP protocol. it streams within 3GP containers and provides fewer bandwidth connections. Later, it brings the new technology AV1 in streaming hardware to decrease bandwidth and increase its quality. And there is an option to improve the video quality as per the internet.
  4. The Uploading video, video can upload for up to 15minuutes duration. YouTube users can verify their accounts on their mobile phones and get the potential to upload videos for up to 12 hours.
  5. YouTube offers quality and Formats with only one quality level, displayed at 320*240 pixels, and a high-quality mode is added and auto to change the quality of the video.
  6. Live streaming also provides YouTube, so there is question and answer, and they can give their live share.
  7. And YouTube introduces the community as a public beta the community. They can also post text, images, and live videos.
  8. We also get notifications, when we subscribe to channels, they post the videos, and then we get a message.
Pros of YouTube App

  • YouTube is free to use.
  • YouTube is the best way to earn money through your thoughts.
  • YouTube is the platform to share or get information.
Cons of YouTube App

  • It has so many rules.
  • Is there possible for any advertiser can keep an ad on your video.


  1. Call records You can view and modify your call history.
  2. Take photographs or videos with your camera.
  3. Look through your contact list.
  4. Gets the location of your device.
  5. Record audio with a microphone.
  6. Utilize a phone to place and handle calls.
  7. Accessing and sending text messages using SMS.
  8. Get pictures and other things onto your phone for storage.
  9. Use the files and media on your phone, including images and other media.