Technical Information

Application Zoho Mail
founder Sridhar vembu, Tony Thomas
industries IT services, IT Consulting
type private
Headquarters Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
About Zoho Mail App

Zoho Mail is an easy-to-use, secure email service for business and personal users.It provides a complete suite of features that allow users to manage their email accounts efficiently and securely. With Zoho Mail, users can send and receive emails from any device, anywhere. The service also provides an integrated calendar, task manager, contacts manager, and document manager. Additionally, users can access their emails on their phones, tablets, and computers. Zoho Mail is designed to keep users secure and safe. The service provides secure encryption,
two-factor authentication, and a spam filter to help keep users safe. Additionally, users can use the service to share files securely and set up email aliases to protect their privacy. Overall, Zoho Mail is a reliable and secure email service that provides users with a complete suite of features. The service is designed to keep users safe while providing an easy-to-use interface for managing emails.
The Zoho Mail for Android smartphones and iOS can be downloaded for free.
You can download Zoho Mail from the Play store for Android Mobile and iOS IN iPhone.
Install the free Zoho Mail that more than Ten lakh people have downloaded.
Reviews around 3.6.
It is easily downloaded on Mac and Windows.

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How to create and send a new email

  1. You need to login into Zoho Mail
  2. Then give, click on the new mail button on the left side of your mailbox.
  3. Zoho Mail composer will open.
  4. Then enter what details you want, like to, subject, and email content. Cc.
  5. You can use the excellent formatting alternatives withinside the composer to lay out your email content; you need rich formatting options.
  6. When your email is drafted, click on the send button in the top left corner of your composer.

How to insert a signature?

  1. You can add custom signatures in the Zoho Mail, allowing multiple signatures to be attached to your email address.
  2. You need to log in to your Zoho Mail.
  3. Then give, click on the settings icon.
  4. Then you will find signatures, then click on that icon to create a new signature.
  5. Give the details of the signature with that preferred formatting and click on save, and also can images like logos.


  1. Filters

    You can configure Filters in your inbox to avoid manually shifting the emails out of your You also can use filters to carry out different activities on incoming emails like making use of tags, forwarding to, marking as read etc.

  2. Tags

    You can observe markers of various colours and names in your emails to categorize them. Click on the plus icon after the Tags list to create a custom tag with the call and colour of your choice.

  3. Search

    From search, it will become straightforward to find emails very fast.

  4. Saved search

    Whenever you save the emails, it becomes straightforward to search is saved.

  5. Scrub

    Scrub helps you quickly and easily up your inbox by deleting or archiving emails in bulk. You may choose as many as five senders from any folder and use the Scrub characteristic to delete or archive all emails from them.

  6. Folder-specific notification

    We can’t assist you in lessening the quantity of electronic mail that comes into your inbox; however, we permit you to reduce the variety of notifications you get. Select all the folders that you would like to be notified of, and we will ensure you do not ought to listen to approximately the notified of them.

  7. Templates

    You can create reusable email templates for emails you send repeatedly.


It has a free trial also and paid plans also.

plan Price
Mail lite $1 per user/month
workplace $3 per user/month
Mail premium $4 per user/month
Pros of Zoho Mail App

  • It is easy to use on mobile.
  • Set up your professional account.
  • Secured, private and no-ads.
Cons of Zoho Mail App

  • The free version is limited.
  • It takes a long to get familiar with that platform.


  1. Contacts find accounts on the device and read your communications.
  2. Identity read the contents of your USB storage.
  3. Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage.
  4. Storage read the contents of your USB storage.